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Thornbury Parish

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Sunday 20 July  St. Arilda’s Day

Readings:  Wisdom of Solomon 12;13,16-19, Romans 8;12-25,

                   Matthew 13;24-30,36-43

8.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Eucharist at St. Paul’s.

10.30am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

4.00pm At Your Service.

6.00pm Evensong.

6.00pm CW Communion at St. Arilda’s.

Monday 21 July

Prayer: For House Groups & Bible Study

8.30am Morning Prayer.

Tuesday 22 July

Prayer:        For Our Cleaning Team

8.30am Morning Prayer at St Mary’s.

2.30pm Julian Group Meeting with Pat Lyes- Wilsdon, 24 Maple Avenue.

7.30pm PCC Meeting at St. Mary’s Church Hall.

Wednesday 23 July  

Prayer: For Hopscotch children’s group & leaders.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St Mary’s.

10.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

Thursday 24 July

Prayer:    For Marriage Preparers.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

Hopscotch & HP Club Picnic at Sheila Fisher’s House Rockhampton.

2.00pm Prayers  for  Healing & Wholeness at St. Paul’s.

7.45pm Bible study at Drs. Whallets, 58 Castle Street. Continuing Apocrypha-Judith.

Friday 25 July

Prayer:  For Our Flower Arrangers.

8.30am  Morning Prayer at St Mary’s.

7.30pm Marriage Preparation Evening at St. Paul’s

Saturday 26 July

Prayer:        For Our Parish Contacts.

9.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

9.45am Baptism rehearsal at St. Mary’s

Sunday 27 July

Readings:  1 Kings 3;5-12, Romans 8;26-end, Matthew 13;31-33, 44-52

8.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Family Service at St. Paul’s.

9.30am BCP Communion at Shepperdine.

10.30am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

12.30pm Baptism Service at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm Evensong.

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