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Thornbury Parish


Summary of PCC Meeting held on 28th November 2017

St Mary’s Glass Doors:  Toby Faulkner, Church Architect, presented three separate design proposals for the provision of glass entrance doors to make the church more inviting to visitors.  A copy of the drawings and proposals will be exhibited at the back of the church for consultation with congregation members.  The next stage of the process will then be for the PCC to consider which option to proceed with.

 Minutes of last meeting: were approved.

Matters arising:  two NIV versions of the Bible given to St Mary’s School for them to decide which version should be provided to Year 6.

Correspondence:  the summary of the report from the Archbishop’s Council “Setting God’s People Free” was discussed, the conclusion being that both laity and clergy are equal and laity should be trained and equipped during the Sunday services to carry the Gospel confidently out into their day to day lives.

Growing the Kingdom:  

A  Flower Festival to be held from 8th – 11th June 2018.  A theme is required.

Music Concert:  date to be agreed.  Possibility of having a ukulele band discussed.

It’s A Knockout:  this event to be looked into further.

Mothering Sunday weekend 2019:  Bishop Robert has been booked for the evangelistic event during this weekend.  Various events yet to be organised and confirmed.

Revd Joy to run a discussion group at Hawkes House as part of the Resolve course in January.

Succession Planning:  Malcolm Kittle is in post and doing well as Director of Music.  Further training to be investigated regarding choir leadership.  There have been no takers for the post of Family and Children Worker.  The post is on hold for the time being and Revd Jan proposed donors are contacted with various options regarding money already donated.

School Foundation Governor:  a new appointment has been made with effect from January 2018.  

Finance:  Gill Young was on holiday, but had circulated reports on:

Finance report for standing committee and PCC November 2017.

Thornbury Parish Church Council – fees and salaries 2015 – 2018.

Thornbury PCC current year budget progress 2017 and previous year out-turn plus provisional budget 2018.

All three were approved and the PCC’s grateful thanks were extended to Gill for her work as treasurer.

Safeguarding/Health & Safety:  

Safeguarding: Monica Mullinex to ascertain the length of time between certificate checks.

Health & Safety:  Marie Holmes had received a phone call regarding the pews in St Mary’s.  A group of parishioners were concerned that if someone is taken ill in a pew it is not easy to get them out.  The PCC noted the concerns but felt that it would not be possible to open the south aisle ends of the pews because of various obstructions.  The removal of the pews has already been thoroughly investigated.  The floor under the pews is earth which would involve a very expensive reordering.

Fabric:  St Mary’s:  budget costs have been received from the Church Architect regarding repair and cleaning of the stained glass windows.  This work only to proceed if grants can be obtained.  Three quotes obtained for masonry repairs, again grants to be resourced to help with the expense.  The masonry prices to be discussed at the next meeting in January.  The cost to service the boiler would be £420, and this was approved.  Making safe the bell tower lighting likely to be approximately £700, this is ongoing.

St Paul’s:  the replacement of the carpet would be £1,700.  When the old carpet is removed the floor would probably need sanding and varnishing, which could cost approximately £4,500.  No decision was made on this and it would be discussed at the next meeting.

Church Warden’s matters:  Marie Holmes had investigated the cost of a defibrillator.  There is one at the Hatch which could be used.  Marie to put the relevant phone and cabinet numbers in the First Aid Kit in St Mary’s.  St Paul’s would still have to use the one from the nearest centre.