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Thornbury Parish


Summary of PCC Meeting held on Tuesday 3 March 2020

Notice boards at St Mary’s – these are in a poor state. Jenny and Christine to look at possible replacements.

Interviews for the new Vicar will take place on 27 March at the Church Hall.

Safeguarding – a series of training opportunities for everybody who needs to do this will be arranged for after Easter. This will involve everyone involved in dealing with both your people and anyone who may be vulnerable, including all of the following: PCC, Choir, Sidespersons, Home Visitors.

Ecclesiastical Insurance – will be carrying out its 5-year inspection of both Churches on 30 March. As a part of this process St Paul’s Church will undergo a full electrical test, and all portable appliances in both Churches will be checked and tested. St Mary’s has been tested due to the new switchgear having been installed.

Audio-Visual – the PCC approved the installation of new audio and visual systems into St Mary’s. List B and Faculty permission is required from the Diocese.

St Mary’s Clock – this is in need of repair and a major overhaul. The PCC approved this work and automation of the clock winding. The clock will need to be taken away to a workshop for this work to be carried out.