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Thornbury Parish


Role of the PCC Secretary

(from the Gloucester Diocese website)

The PCC secretary is normally elected by the PCC from among its members. However, a person can be appointed if they are not a member of the PCC and such a person may be co-opted to the PCC.

The secretary’s key tasks are set out in the Church Representation Rules and include:

 To liaise with the parish clergy to decide the agenda for parish meetings

 Preparing and distributing agendas for Standing Committee meetings

 Taking minutes at Standing Committee meetings and distributing them

 Arranging room bookings for PCC meetings

 Preparing and distributing agendas for PCC meetings

 Taking minutes at PCC meetings and distributing them

 Keeping a record of all decisions made at PCC meetings, with voting figures

 To keep a copy of PCC meeting minutes available for public inspection

 To organise and publicise the Annual Parochial Church meeting

 To report to the APCM on the work of the PCC over the preceding year through the Annual Report produced in cooperation with the treasurer

 To keep staff at Church House in Gloucester informed of any changes of parish officers and addresses

 To handle correspondence for the parish.