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New Director of Music - Our new Director of Music Joachim Schwander will start his first Sunday 31st August. We look forward to welcoming Joachim among us.

Please remember in your prayers this month’s Mission:  Us: United Society (formerly USPG) who work with local churches around the world to transform local communities - as well as providing emergency aid in times of crisis in South Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.  The Most Rev Dr Mouneer Anis, Bishop of Egypt said, “We seek to be a light in our society, and to serve our neighbours in a difficult situation.” On 20 July 2014 all cash collections will go to help their invaluable work.

Coffee Mornings; Do come and join me on the following Thursdays:- July 31 and August 14, 21, 28 at 3, Hillcrest. Valerie Murray (416444)

Flower Festival Thanks - A big thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to make this event so enjoyable and such a success. The sum of £ 1,835.80 was raised after all expenses were paid. This has been divided equally between The Children's Society and the Church Fabric Fund. Thank you all, Jean Boakes.

Polite Notice  - to ask that everybody storing items in the Westend Pews finds a new home for them.  All items need to be removed and not stored there in the future, the Pews are for sitting in!!  Many Thanks.

Notice – Our independent examiner, Mhairi Vernon, has had to step down after 5 years of faithful service on the Church Accounts.  Our Grateful thanks to Mhairi.  This however leaves an opportunity for someone with the relevant skills and expertise to take over.  You do not need to be a qualified accountant, but need knowledge of accountancy practice and legislation.  The work takes around 21 hours over 3 weeks from Mid Feb to 1st wk March.  If you feel you could serve the church in this role please talk to Rev’d Jan, a Warden, the Treasurer Janet Beaty, or contact the office.  

Foodbank – July/August List:  - Nappies size 5, Savoury Nibbles, Sponge Puddings,
Jellies, Soup Sachets (NO TINS OR BOXES PLEASE), 2-IN-1 WASH TABS OR CAPSULES, Also Tinned Soup, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Mixed Veg, Broad & Green Beans, Tomato & Brown Sauce, 1Ltr Squash, U.H.T Milk, Jams & Jellies, SMASH – sachets & boxes, Pasta Sauce in jars, Biscuits, Sponge Puddings, 2-in-1 Shampoo, Cat & Dog Food – all types. Many Thanks. (For any changes please see boxes at the back of the Churches). We are sure they will be grateful for anything you are able to give!!

Heritage Day Saturday 13 September 1-5pm. We will be hosting our annual Heritage Day, and would like to continue with our guided tours and refreshments.  As always we will be looking for volunteers to help with the guided tours, and as part of the refreshments we would like to offer cakes for sale. If any of you are able to help with the provision of the cakes or volunteering, please let the office know or sign up on the sheet at the back of the church. All funds will go towards the Church.  Many Thanks.

If you are recently bereaved and would like to talk to someone, please contact either the vicar or Sheila Jones (412989). We offer a chance to meet others who are suffering grief.

Weekly Newsletter  Anything that needs to be included in the weekend news needs to be received in the office by Wednesday evening at the latest . I look forward to taking your requests again from the 27 August 2014. An email version of this available on request via the office. Contact Abi / Gemma Tel : 281900.

Please may I see a Hospital Chaplain. A consequence of the Data Protection Act is that, if you are in hospital, nursing staff will only pass your details on to the hospital Chaplaincy Department if you ask them to do so.  While we hope you do not need to go to hospital, please, let the church know if you do, as we would like to include you on our prayer list, and will visit you if appropriate.

On our Parish Facebook page there is now a 'Psalm quote for the day' - set yourself up for the day by checking out today's Psalm verse and reflect on it whilst washing up/driving to work/cleaning up after the children...

Pastoral Care. If you or someone you know is away from church, in hospital or has cause for concern, then please contact Kate Teague on 415837 or Sheila Jones on 412989. Where appropriate they will be able to arrange for pastoral contact and/or include the person’s name amongst our intercessions.

Home Communion. Did you know that if you are unable to get to church for a while you can receive Holy Communion at home? We have a team who help with this. Do remember either for yourself or someone you know. Ask the clergy.

Healing Prayers on Sunday mornings will be offered immediately after the services at  St Paul’s 9.15am on the first and third Sundays and at St Mary’s 10.30am service on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays.

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