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Please remember in your Prayers this month’s Mission: US: United Society ( Formerly USPG) Who work with local churches around the world to transform local communities – as well as providing emergency aid in times of crisis in South Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.  The most Rev Dr. Mouneer Anis, bishop of Egypt said “We seek to be a light in Society and serve our neighbours in difficult situations”.

Dear All - Sunday 7th Sept. will be the last time Natalie plays our St. Paul’s Church Organ for us before going to University.  For any of you that would like to make a donation, for a presentation, from the St Paul's congregation please see Phil Jones.

7th of September  - International Partnership Sunday – celebrating our diocesan and parish partnership. This will be observed at St. Paul’s 9.15am service and there is a special service at Gloucester Cathedral at 3pm.

Julian Group Meeting Tues 9th September at 24 Maple Ave, with Pat Lyes - Wilsdon.

Funeral of Derek Anthony - who edited the Thornbury Magazine, sadly died suddenly on 22nd August. There will be a private cremation at Westerleigh on Thursday 11th September, followed by a Service of Thanksgiving at St Mary's at 1.30pm, to which all are welcome. 

Hopscotch – Resuming on 11th September Thursday at 9.15am at St. Mary’s Church. We look forward to seeing your pre- schoolers and your little ones.

Heritage Day – Saturday 13th September, 1-5pm.  We will be hosting our annual Heritage Day and continue with the offer of Guided tours and refreshments will be served at the back of the church.  Come along and learn more about the history of our church.  All funds raised will go towards the needs of the church.  We look forward to your support. Many Thanks.

MU ‘Life in the RAF & the Royal British Legion’ 16th Sept 7.30pm at the St. Mary’s Church Hall, with Group captain Anny Reid OBE.

Next Bible Study –Thurs 25th September at 7.45pm at Drs. Whallets, 58 Castle Street. Continuing the Apocrypha in Esther.

CARD SALE – All Cards in the box at the back of the church Only 50p.  All money goes directly towards the needs of St. Mary’s. Please put it in the silver wall box, close to the entrance door.  Many thanks for your support.

Foodbank. September – Tinned:-Nappies size 5, Soup Sachets (no tins or boxes please), Tomatoes, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Mixed Veg, Broad & Green Beans, Tomato & Brown Sauce, Savoury Nibbles, Sponge Puddings, 1ltr Squash, U.H.T Milk, Jams & Jellies Smash, 2-in-1 shampoo, cat & dog food all types. Many Thanks. (For any changes please see lists at the back of the churches)  We are sure they are grateful for anything you are able to give.

On our Parish Facebook page there is now a 'Psalm quote for the day' - set yourself up for the day by checking out today's Psalm verse and reflect on it whilst washing up/driving to work/cleaning up after the children...

Healing Prayers on Sunday mornings will be offered immediately after the services at St.  Paul’s 9.15am on the first and third Sundays and at St Mary’s 10.30am service on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays.

If you are recently bereaved and would like to talk to someone, please contact either the Vicar Rev. Jan or Sheila Jones on 412989. We offer the chance to meet with others and share company with those who are also suffering grief.

We Pray this week for:
Diana Jervis, Valerie Abrahams, Mabel Boyse, Jean Clarke, Doug & Brenda Richards, Peter Sumner, Martin Davey,  Alison Collett, Angela Cole, Sue Hallet, Rae Forster & Robin Harper.

And those for whom we regularly pray: Olive Faulkner
& Nikki Pipper .

We pray for those who died recently : - Derek Anthony,
Miriam Brennan, Dorothy Worsely, Hesta Knapp,
Audrey Harrison, Derek Ponting, Gladys Ripley
& Philip Sharpe-Neal.

and at this time of year :  Helen Drake, David Horne, Cis Pearce, Frank Gerrish, Michael Watts, Kathleen Drake,
Donald Apperly & George Excell.

Miriam Brennan (RIP 26/07/14) Miriam’s family would like to say thank you to everyone for all your cards, kind thoughts and wishes of condolence since her death. Thank you also to those who attended her funeral and afterwards at the Golf Club, we were moved by the fact that there was such a large number of people there. We have very much appreciated your support during this difficult time. With best wishes, Tom, Thomas, Rachael, David, Tegan and Alex.

Weekly Newsletter - Anything that needs to be included in the weekend news needs to be received in the office by Wednesday evening at the latest. An email Version of this available on request via the office. Contact Abi / Gemma Tel: 281900.

Pastoral Care.  - If you or someone you know is away from church, in hospital or has cause for concern, then please contact Kate Teague on 415837 or Sheila Jones on 412989. Where appropriate they will be able to arrange for pastoral contact and/or include the person’s name amongst our intercessions.

Home Communion. Did you know that if you are unable to get to church for a while you can receive Holy Communion at home? We have a team who help with this. Do remember either for yourself or someone you know. Ask the clergy.

Gluten-free Eucharistic wafers are available at St Mary’s and St Paul’s for those who need them.  Please let the clergy know before the service if this applies to you.

Recycle your print cartridges, mobile phones, stamps, bibles for charity. Mission boxes at the back of both churches. Many Thanks.

Photos may be taken from time to time at church services and events, and used in church publicity, some online(but without names); please feel free to ask for any photo to be deleted from the camera and we will be happy to do that.

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Sunday 31st  August 2014

11th Sunday after Trinity

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