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Thornbury Parish


2020 Programme

Theme: “Building hope and confidence”

Monday 20th January  Cecilie Bradshaw from Camphill Community

2.30pm. Church Hall  “Expressing Value in the community”

Tuesday 18th February  Quiet Hour

7.30pm. Church Hall  led by Sheila Fisher

Tuesday 17th March  AGM

7.30pm. Church Hall  

Tuesday 21st April  Helen Bullock and Gill Fergusson

7.30pm. Church Hall “Call the Nurse”

Tuesday 19th May  Joy Ludlow

7.30pm. Church Hall  Placement experiences in USA

Tuesday 16th June  Philip McAllister and Peter Moore

7.30pm. Church Hall  from Grace Care

Tuesday 21st July  Summer Special

3.00pm. Church Hall  

Tuesday 15th September Penny Baker

7.30pm. Church Hall  from KRUNCH South West

Tuesday 20th October  Annual Service

7.30pm. St Mary’s

Tuesday 17th November Speaker to be confirmed

10.30am. St Paul’s

                    Tuesday 1st December  Candleglow

7.30pm. St Paul’s

Cathedral Prayers are at 12 noon on the last Monday of each month (apart from  Feb. Aug. & Dec.)     in the Lady Chapel of Gloucester Cathedral, followed by Eucharist.  All welcome.