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Thornbury Parish


Weddings - FAQs

Which churches can we be married in?

Weddings take place in the Parish Church of St Mary, Thornbury, and the Church of St Paul, The Hackett. Most weddings take place on Saturdays, although you can marry on any day of the week.

Where can we find out more?

Please contact Gemma in the Office at St Mary’s Church, Thornbury, Monday, Thursday or Friday between 9.00 and 12noon, tel 01454 281900  or send an email to thornburyparish@btconnect.com if you wish to book or enquire about a wedding.

The Parish of Thornbury has joined the Your Church Wedding Project and you can access the The Wedding Project Resource Centre by clicking on the banner below

The Order for a Marriage Service - Common Worship can be downloaded in to MS-Word by clicking Marriage - Normal order of service

You can find music & readings for your wedding day by Clicking Here

The Royal School of Church Music also provides advice about music for weddings


What are banns?

Banns are an announcement of your intention to marry which is made in the parish where you live and where you will be married (if different). They are a legal requirement. The aim is to notify the local community in case anyone knows a legal reason that would prevent your marriage (eg you are already married, or you are too closely related). Banns are read out during the main Sunday service, on 3 weeks running.

Who is allowed to marry in St Mary’s or St Paul’s?

All those resident in the Parish of Thornbury are eligible to be married in St Mary’s or St Paul’s Churches. If neither the bride or groom is resident then it is possible to get married here if one of the parties has a close connection with the parish, e.g. a parent lives here, or got married here, or if one of you went to school here. If none of these apply it is still possible if you worship with us on a regular basis for six months; please talk to the Vicar about this. It is also possible to be married by common licence or more rarely by special license, each in certain circumstances.

You can find the full list of qualifying conditions here:


What if one of us is divorced?

If one or both of you has been married before and is divorced, it may be possible for you to be married in church. This is at the discretion of the Vicar in consultation with the Bishop of Gloucester and you will need to meet the Vicar to discuss this before you can make a booking. If either of you has been married before, please mention this in your first contact with the office.

What about a wedding blessing?

It is also possible to have a service of blessing of marriage after a civil wedding ceremony. A blessing service costs £440 with additional / optional expenses as required as advised by the office. In this case the civil ceremony happens first, and you enter church as a married couple. In the service you affirm the vows that you have already made, and we pray for you and ask God to bless your marriage. For a service of blessing there is no requirement to live in the parish or have any other special connection with the parish.

We live in Thornbury but are getting married elsewhere; can you read our banns?

The fee for calling of banns for a wedding in another Church is £40.

What is the process?

The first step in booking your wedding is to contact the parish office, and establish whether you are eligible to marry in the parish (see below). A £50 deposit will be payable at this stage. A few months before your wedding you will be invited to a wedding preparation evening which is led by a married couple who belong to the church, and which helps you explore the quality of your relationship in an enjoyable way.  Later there will be a meeting with the Vicar at which the details of your wedding service will be finalised. After that you can prepare your Orders of Service, using a template from the Vicar. The full fees are payable before the banns are called.  Your banns will be called on three consecutive Sundays and you will be informed of the dates, as we encourage you to attend if you can.

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