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Thornbury Parish


Share in Prayer


In addition to our worship on Sunday and mid-week communion services, there are many regular opportunities for members of the church to join together with others in prayer. Please check with the contact person, as arrangements may change.

DAILY OFFICE Daily prayer is said each day by members of the clergy team and congregations. For more details of this please do ask a member of the clergy. You can normally find the clergy team together at Morning Prayer Tuesdays at 9am

PRAYER FOR HEALING Every Thursday, there is prayer for healing at St Paul's, from 2pm till 3pm. Once a month, this takes the form of a Service of Holy Communion.

Contact Vicar 01454 501916

PRAYER TRIPLETS In groups of three, church members make their own arrangements to meet regularly to share and pray. Advice and help available.

Contact Gill Spiller 260153.

PERSONAL PRAYER St Mary's Church is open every day for prayer and contemplation. Requests for prayer can be written on yellow cards by the lectern near the entrance, or local clergy can be approached directly. You can also pray with pebbles in the Stafford Chapel using the 'pebble pool'. There is a leaflet about how to use it. Hold a pebble as you pray for someone, then put it into the bowl of holy water. Each Wednesday the pebbles will be placed on the altar at the Eucharist and prayed over during the intercessions. We can't have candles for safety reasons, but this gives us a physical symbol of our prayers.

ST MARY'S SCHOOL SUPPORT Parents meet weekly, during term-time, to pray for the whole school community.

Contact Sally Osborne 419664.

MOTHERS UNION PRAYER GROUP Members meet to pray together during the afternoon of the second Monday of the month.

Contact Margaret Woodford 885744

MOTHERS UNION PRAYER CHAIN Some members keep in touch by telephone, sharing requests for prayer, and meeting together quarterly.

Contact Kate Teague 415837.


This event is an annual one for the whole world, it is always on the first Friday of March. The event is arranged with Thornbury Churches together, and it is a combined service, with the Church venue changing each year.

Contact Sheila Jones 412989 or Irene Butt.