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Thornbury Parish


Ringing Links…

Here are some useful web links about bell ringing…


  Central Council of Church Bell Ringers – for the definitive view on everything to do with change ringing.

  The Ringing World – the bellringers’ own newspaper.

  Campanophile website – a record of Peals and Quarter Peals rung throughout UK (and the world).


  The Australia and New Zealand Association of Bellringers site has some useful general information about ringing, as well as a lot about ringing down under. It includes a Towers Directory with ringing times and contact information.

  There is also a North American Guild of Change Ringers and their website offers some useful information for any ringers crossing the Atlantic.

Local (to Thornbury):

  The Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers:

  Thornbury is a member of the Bristol Rural Branch. 

  The Gloucester Branch also have a web site.

  The University of Bristol Society of Change Ringers – our local university. 

Bell Founders:

  The Whitechapel Bell Foundry – who rehung the bells and recast the Treble in 1996

  Taylors of Loughbororough, the other bellfounders in the UK, also have a web site.

Roger Bailey’s site has extensive information and lots of links including links to other tower sites.

  Don Morrison has a comprehensive and well-indexed collection of quarter peal compositions.

 For a personal view of ringing, and some useful links, see Zena Woodley’s on-line article “Summoned by Bells“.  In short, it explains why she took up ringing, and why it becomes an obsession with so many of us.