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Thornbury Parish


Parish Church of St Mary's with St Paul's, The Hackett,Thornbury.

Street by Street Prayer Calendar

This list is designed for daily use within the prayer life of the Church. If used daily it will cover the entire parish every four months. It will be used regularly within the services of Morning and Evening Prayer within the Church (see weekly newsletter for times of services) but is also available for use by any others - please contact the Church office for further copies.

For months:   January, May and September

1st  Chestnut Drive, Easton Hill Road, Thicket Walk

2nd  Elmdale Crescent, Pine Close, St David’s Road (E), Woodleigh

3rd Local Primary Schools St. Mary’s, Crossways, Manorbrook, Gillingstool

4th Ashgrove, Oakleaze Road

5th  Walnut Close, Orchard Avenue, Hazel Crescent

6th Local SchoolsSheilings, Sibland Special School, Christ the King

7th Charles Close

8th  Dyrham Close, Pittville Close, Rosslyn Way

9th Local Secondary Schools Castle School, Marlwood School

10th Elizabeth Close, Malvern Drive,

11th  Sibland Close, Kennet Way, Hillbrook Road

12th Play Groups, Pre-School Groups and Nursery Schools.

13th Waterford Close

14th Volunteer Helpers, e.g. meal-on-wheels, Citizens Advice Bureau.

15th Solent Way

16th  Tamar Close, Trent Drive, Hopkins Close, Armstrong Close

17th For Tourists visiting, especially those from North America and staying locally e.g. in the Thornbury Castle Hotel.

18th Ellesmere, Combermere, Hatchmere

19th  Medway Court, Shannon Court, Derwent Court, Bockenham Close,

20th Piper’s Cottage, Grovesend Road, Avon Way (200 - 208)

21st Those who work in the Town Hall & South Gloucestershire Council Offices.

22nd  Avon Way (110 - 136), Brookmead, Eskdale

23rd  Dovedale, Wharfedale, Ribblesdale

24th Those involved in buying and selling at the Farmers Market and Saturday Market.

25th  Avon Way (2 - 108), Cherwell Close, Medina Close

26th  Wye Court, Windrush Court, Ladden Court

27th  Streamleaze, Tweed Close, Dart Close

28th  Spey Close, Hamble Close, Coln Square, Frome Court

29th  Raglan Place, Tyndale View, Bath Road & The Bathings

30th The Mission and Ministry of the Churches Together in Thornbury.

31st For those living outside the parish but who are members of one of the Churches and / or work in Thornbury.

For months:   February, June, October

1st  Homefield, Meadowside

2nd  Sibland Way, Springfield, Sibland Road

3rd Local Health Services.  For the Staff who work at Health Centre,                  St. Mary’s Surgery, Thornbury Hospital, Dental Surgeries

4th  Knapp Road, The Paddocks

5th Local Health Services.  For those who work in the community e.g. Midwives, Health Visitors, Mental Health Workers

6th Local Shops in Oakleaze Road, Primrose Drive and Eastland Road.

7th  Clay Lane, Crossways, Crossways Lane

8th  Cumbria Close, Hacket Lane

9th Local Emergency Services Members of the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services

10th  Cleveland Close, Cheviot Drive

11th  Pentland Avenue, Chiltern Park

12th  The mission and ministry of Christ the King RC Church and Bristol Christian Fellowship

13th  Castle Street, Stokefield Close

14th  Warwick Place

15th For those who volunteers to help with the elderly and infirm.

16th  Severn Drive, Coombe Avenue

17th For those from the local churches who work with children and young people both in and out of school.

18th For those give up their time to arrange activities for the young children of the area, e.g. rainbows, brownies, beavers, cubs, cadets, sports, drama.

19th  Chantry Road, Tilting Road

20th For the Restaurants and Cafés in the area and those who socialise, eat and drink there  

21st For those who are unemployed and their families

22nd  Maple Avenue, Sycamore Drive

23rd  St David’s Road (W), Rockleaze, Colin Close, Quaker Court, Crispin Lane

24th For those who work so hard to decorate our town, either with flowers (Thornbury in Bloom) or Christmas Lights

25th  Blakes Road, Hillcrest, St John’s Street

26th  Pullins Green, Saw Mill Lane

27th For the Fellowship of the Bible study and house groups of the town.

28th For those who are addicted e.g.  to drugs, drink, gambling and their families.

29th For those involved in the organisation of Thornbury FM, the presentation of the programmes and the listeners in the community.

30th For those moving in or out of the town and settling in their new homes

31st For all who are feeling vulnerable for whatever reason.

For months:   March, July, November

1st  Stone, Falfield, Whitfield

2nd  Gloucester Road (N), Old Gloucester Road, The Knapp

3rd For all the Non-Christians of the town.

4th  Oldbury

5th For those who work in Thornbury Industrial Estate,

the Cooper Road Area and Midland Way

6th For those who safe guard the environment

e.g. Sustainable Thornbury, Re-Cycling Schemes

7th  Beechacres, Prowse Close, Eastland Road, Severn View Road

8th  Eastbury Road, Eastbury Close, Davis Court, Eastland Avenue

9th  North Road, Hawthorne Crescent, Park View Avenue, North East Road

10th  Jubilee Drive

11th Tesco, Leisure Center, Vilner Lane

12th High Street, all who work and shop there.

13th  Osprey Park

14th  Swallow Park

15th St. Mary’s Centre, St. Mary Street, and all who shop and work there

16th  Finch Close, Squires Leaze, Nightingale Close, Fulmer Close

17th  Kingfisher Close, Falcon Way, Kestrel Close

18th  High Street, Castle Court

19th Horse Shoe Lane, The Plain, Silver Street and who all shop and work there

20th  Streamleaze Court, Tanners Court

21st For the Public Houses in the parish and those who drink and socialise in them

22nd  Parkland Way(W), Queen’s Walk

23rd  Manor Walk, Kempton Close, St James Close

24th For the Service industries that we take for granted. Refuse collectors, Postmen and others.  

25th  Hyde Avenue, Alexandra Way

26th  Kensington Close, Regents Close, Victoria Close

27th Those who supply our public transport: Bus operators and drivers.

28th The Library and Book Stalls within each Church.

29th All who visit and remember at Thornbury Cemetery.

30th Play Group, Pre-School Groups and Nursery Schools.

31st For those living outside the Parish but who are members of one of the Churches in Thornbury

For months:   April, August and December

1st  Park Road (80 onwards), Dean Avenue

2nd  Howard Road, Millfield

3rd Chatsworth Park, Cossham Close, Whitfield Road

4th Those who live in Shepperdine.

5th Church Road, Orchard Grange, Clare Walk

6th Park Road (1 – 79)

7th For all who work in the Community, Social Workers and others trying to do the best they can with limited resources.

8th  Gloucester Road(S), Castle Coombe

9th  Buckingham Parade, Gloucester Terrace, Stafford Crescent

10th The Mission and Ministry of Thornbury Baptist Church and the United Reformed Congregational Church.

11th  Primrose Drive(N), Speedwell Close, Celandine Close

12th  Mallow Close, Campion Close, Foxglove Close, Bluebell Close

13th The services provided by the Armstrong Hall, Cossham Hall, The Church Halls and other local facilities.

14th  Sorrel Close, Primrose Drive(S), Lavender Close, Larkspur Close

15th For all those having to cope with relationship problems.

16th  For members of our congregations who live outside the parish

17th  For those give up their time to arrange activities for the youth of the area, e.g. guides, scouts cadets, sports, drama.  

18th The Mission and Ministry of the Methodist Church, the Society of Friends and The New Generation Music and Ministry (NGM).

19th  Shepperdine

20th All who work and take part in the activities at Thornbury Leisure Centre and other fitness centres.

21st For those give up their time to arrange activities for the young people of the area, e.g. Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Cadets, Youth Clubs, Sports

22nd  Alveston

23rd For the prayer life of the town

24th For the International Links of our town with e.g. Bockenham, Bufumbo, Dornakal

25th  Buckover, Grovesend, Tytherington Road

26th  Milbury Heath

27th For the organisers and participants in the many clubs and groups of the town

28th For our local Member of Parliament

29th Give thanks for our local community

30th For those and the homes of those not specifically included on our list.

31st For volunteers not specifically included in our list.