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Thornbury Parish


Pat Lyes-Wilsdon - Retired Priest

Pat retired in 2009 after 16 years as Rector of Cromhall and associated parishes (plus various ‘little jobs’ in deanery and diocese!)  She and her husband Paul were very sad to leave rural village life, but are delighted to have re-settled happily after returning to Thornbury, where Pat began her ordained ministry as curate in 1987, and Paul was for some years on the staff of the former Siblands Adult Opportunity Centre.  Their children and grandchildren are currently distributed between Cheltenham, Bristol, Plymouth and  southern Spain.

In retirement, Paul busies himself making an art-form of ‘poddling’, while Pat enjoys reading, re-visiting language studies via the U3A, exercising at the gym and in Pilates classes, and trying to turn into a Domestic Goddess – always a less accomplished area.  She values the opportunity to be part of the clergy team in Thornbury, helping out when asked, and also enjoys using the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (of which she is a qualified Practitioner) to help individuals or groups to explore life, work, prayer, relationships and everything!  Her particular interest is the area where spirituality, faith and psychology overlap.