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Thornbury Parish

Church Warden  PCC Secretary 

Current PCC Members

The membership of the PCC is as follows:

The Curate Revd Joy Ludlow

Lay Reader (Ex officio):

Monica Mullinex (2018) (Reader Rep)

Wardens (Ex officio):

        Mike Dennett  

Jenny Ovens

Robin Gupta

Deanery Synod Representatives (Ex officio):

Phil Jones (2020)  

Gill Spiller

Elected Members:

Tim Swan (2022)   

Rosemary Cook (2022)

Pat Duru (2022    

Hannah Eastwood (2020)                              

Mike Keavey (2022)

Marie Holmes (2022) *

Andy Watson (2020)*                           

Christine Dadd (2021)

Martin Davey (2022)

Gill Young (2020) PCC Treasurer

Lucy Blenkiron (2021)

Helen Bullock (2021)

Mike Spiller (2022)

Janet Shipp (2022)

Peter Craig  (2022)

Co-opted Anna Ballard as office representative and Electoral roll officer

Janet Gupta appointed as PCC Secretary – non voting

Robin Gupta elected as Lay Chair, Mike Dennett elected as Vice Chair,

Wardens are elected for one year, PCC and Deanery Synod members normally for three years, except when replacing a resigning member in which case they are elected for the remainder of the resigning member’s term.  

The representatives of the Lay Reader community are selected by it; the number of such representatives is determined annually by the APCM.