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Thornbury Parish



Planned Giving

We are indeed fortunate to have a friendly and welcoming fellowship that seeks to reach out in so many ways with the love of God.  Fortunate too in our two quite different church buildings where we can  gather together, hold our services and do the many things that help us live out our Christian faith in our parish, our benefice and beyond.  Of course this all consumes varying degrees of our time, energy and money.  

Planned Giving – (or regular giving)

This is by far the most helpful way you can play a part in helping us to both fund our ministry of outreach and look after the buildings we have been blessed with because it provides us with a regular income we can rely on.  There are now three ways to participate in this.  

The most popular way is the Parish Giving Scheme, launched by the diocese in 2010 for those wishing to gift aid their giving.  The giver allows a direct debit for the amount they wish to give, to be set up on their account, administered by the diocese.   The amount given still belongs wholly to the parish but the diocese collect the donation, reclaim tax on it (if the giver is a UK tax payer) and pass back both the donation and the reclaimed tax to the parish within 10 days.  This saves the planned giving recorder some work.   The scheme also has the added advantage of offering an “increase for inflation” alert each year.  This is entirely optional but prompts the giver to consider making a small increase on each anniversary of its setting up.   This in turn helps us to keep up with inflationary increases on our out-goings.  Parish Giving Packs can be obtained from Guy Rawlinson or Gill Young (Treasurer), contact details from St Mary's office. The pack includes a form which you complete and send to the diocese at the address given.    

The second way to participate in planned giving is to set up a regular standing order.  Your bank account will then automatically be debited with your specified amount which will come directly to the church bank account.  Please let Mike Elcock know if you chose this method as he will be able to supply you with the church bank details and will also be able to supply you with a form to fill in if you are a UK tax payer and wish the church to be able to reclaim the tax element on your gift.  Under this method Mike will reclaim the tax on your donation.

The third way is to use the envelope scheme.  This method allows you to give weekly if you wish, change the amount when you want to and it can be given in at church at any time.  It is fair to say however that this method is on the decline, giving way to one of the automatic banking methods mentioned above.  You can also fill in a gift-aid form with this method to allow the church to reclaim tax paid on your donation.

For further help or clarification on any of the above contact Guy Rawlinson or Gill Young (Treasurer), contact details from St Mary's office.