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Thornbury Parish


Baptism and Christening

We are always delighted to receive applications for baptism of infants, children or adults into the family of the church. You will have an opportunity to meet one of the Clergy and discuss your plans. There are no fees associated with this service.

Preparation for baptism includes a discussion of the commitment being made by parents and god-parents to bring their children up to know and follow Jesus Christ within the fellowship of the church.

Adults who wish to be baptised may also wish to go on to confirmation.

As part of the Church of England, we are organised on a parish basis, hence our ministry is primarily to those living within Thornbury. Where the person being baptised lives elsewhere, then we work in close cooperation with their own local church.

Sometimes parents choose a thanksgiving service for their birth of their child, which includes prayers of gratitude for the gift of their baby, and prayers of blessing for God's grace in their lives. Baptism can then follow at a later date.

For enquiries about a baptism, please call the church office on 281900 or email at thornburyparish@btconnect.com

Services temporarily cancelled.

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